Marwan Al Shaqab

Reference stallion

One of the most famous stallions ever in the world today !
Multi international champion, multi world champion, and multi world champion producer...A legend !

Marwan Al Shaqab is the proud father of our famous multi international champion filly : Mirwanah Kallisté, our home made star.
And so, thanks to Marwan Al Shaqab and Michael Byatt, we are ever making again this successful cross !

Just like his own father, Gazal Al Shaqab, the world champion sire and multi world champion producer, Marwan ranks among the most titled stallions ever and is a Super sire :


Qatari National Champion Stallion

World Champion Stallion
Nations Cup Champion Stallion

United States National Champion Junior Stallion – Unanimous

United States National Champion Junior Stallion – Unanimous
Region 9 Champion Stallion – Unanimous

World Champion Colt
Nations Cup Champion Colt
European Champion Colt

World Champion Colt
Qatari National Champion Colt