About Kalliste Arabians

I chose to write myself the content of this website which aims at being as true as possible to what Kalliste Arabians really is.
sincerely wish that when discovering Kallisté Arabians horses as well as the story of the breeding, you will dream as I did...
Come and share with us the Legend of the Purebred Arabian Horses....

My name is Jennifer Dhombre and here enfolds my story with Arabian horses.

If you know what the word “vocation” means, then you can imagine what breeding Arabian means to me.
These animals have always been essential to my life. Horses are my life, Purebred Arabians are my dream... and my wonderful reality.

Although my family have never been really involved in the horse industry, I was lucky to grow up close to horses, since I was a child. Indeed, I only needed 10 minutes to cycle from the family house to my second home... my horse riding school.

Like many people, I first discovered the Arabian horse through myths and legends, especially the one of its Creation :

Allah dit au vent du Sud :
" When God wanted to make a horse He said to the Southern Wind: ‘From benevolence to thee I will create a creature from thee to glorify My Saints and to destroy My enemies, and so, lo and behold!'
"The Southern Wind answered: ‘Do as you wish, o Lord.'
"Then God took a handful of Southern Wind, created from it a horse and said: ‘Thy name will be Arabian, all the good is tied to thy forelock, thy trophy is on thy back; to thee I give to spread the meaning of life, in thy master I give thee thy friend; I distinguish thee from all the animals of pack; I give thee an ability to fly without wings either in charge or retreat."

Bedouin legend.

Then I read Walter Farley’s series, “The Black Stallion”, and watched their film adaptations. They had a deep impact on me as a child.
As far as I can remember - and my parents told me so - I always said with the innocence of a child : “When I grow up I’ll have my own breeding of beautiful purebred Arabian horses”.

I’ve kept on dreaming.

Horses, and purebred Arabian ones especially, have always been part of my life. 

In primary school, as soon as I learnt to write, I started my first “book”... in a scratchpad I wrote eagerly a story, inspired from “The Black Stallion”, and the meeting of Bucephalus and Alexander the Great. Hhe hero was a young girl... of course!