Imagine a natural setting in the south of France

35 hectares found within seven minutes of Montpellier, four minutes of Mauguio, three minutes from the airport, and 15 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea





Our property captivates people by its location. It is extremely close to a big city but also surrounded by nature and equestrian facilities.

We are in the county named Hérault, in the little Camargue, near the Etang de l'Or.

This is an area still relatively preserved where many different species live and different kind of birds migrate.

The weather is warm and pleasant most of the year, with the sun shining almost every day but the rain can also be very impressive.




We have around 60 horses at the farm and also a lot of rescued animals who have found here at Kalliste Arabians a second chance in life. At the moment we have 18 cats, mainly rescued including four from Dubai; three dogs, including two recues coming from different associations; and some horses who were planned to go for slaughter.






Of course, we live at the farm that is completely fenced, extremely well-guarded and under permanent supervision: our animals are never left alone.

Wild animals are also welcome here. Their wellbeing is just as important and their distress never goes unnoticed. Foxes, squirrels, bats, rabbits, birds, and so on all receive the care and assistance they need.


Every life matters and deserves to be respected.






Welcome to Kalliste Arabians,a land of happiness and peace for every animal !