Breeding Program




 At Kalliste Arabians, selection is made for international level for both shows and performance.

The constancy of the ‘Kalliste quality’ has proven itself at high level competitions on multiple continents since the foundation of the stud.

Since 2016, Kalliste Arabians was happy to have extended their success and breeding program from its original location in the south of France to the USA.






Our Breeding Program :


  «It is not because the result isn't absolutely certain that you have to start with nonsense».


Today a respected breeder and official artificial inseminator, Jennifer Dhombre based her selection on the cohesive relationship between phenotype and the study of different genotypes. This is the result of an important study through the years by Jennifer of collecting different resources and studying pedigrees. From this constantly evolving foundation of personal data, she established her own tools about the transmission of genetic characteristics. But it is Jennifer’s feelings, her breeder's soul, that she uses to finalise her annual breeding program. She aims to to target the highest probability of success, but she adds: "Only Nature remains responsible for the final result, and that's what makes breeding so beautiful".







  "My genetics selection is based on the preservation of the ancestral qualities of the Arabian breed. My constant wish is respect and improve this. Kalliste Arabians fulfils my long-term vision of the breed – that of a functional and complete Arabian horse for every equestrian discipline, one that is so versatile at first, but also beautiful." 






 The Kalliste horses retained for the breeding program are selected with care, starting with the mares. Their legs, movement, conformation, and mental attitude are most important along with type and refinement. Priority is never given to beauty alone at the cost of ignoring any bad qualities that can affect the horse’s functionality and later on the breed itself.





 For the stallions, the selection process is even more strict.

Jennifer chose the particularly complete stallion BS Specific as her chief sire, and he proved to be a real enhancer of the Arabian breed. Among many titles, he won the French Nationals and the European Championships.

He is the sire of national and international champions, and also an exceptional broodmare sire. In addition, BS Specific has sired some young horses sold to the UAE to race in endurance, further proof of his ability to pass on his functionality to his offspring.



 BS Specific


  Today, Kalliste Arabians is able to offer a range of high-quality homebred stallions:


  Wortex Kalliste: A multiple champion in three continents, including European Junior and Senior Gold Champion, International Gold in Scottsdale, USA, Gold at the first Qatari title show, and Silver at the Arabian Breeders World Cup in both Las Vegas and Chantilly...



Wortex Kalliste 




Ares Kalliste: French National Champion as a foal, he is already an exceptional sire.



Ares Kalliste




 Styx Kalliste: The grandson and heir of BS Specific, a giant at 1,65m but with a sweet heart. Among his many titles, he is a double National champion, a multiple international champion, and champion at the European Breeders Cup.



Styx Kalliste




 Then, of course, there is the younger generation who carry the new hopes for Kalliste Arabians...

They all have one thing in common – their functionality, and that permits versatility in accordance with their ancestral heritage, combined to their modern beauty. None of them is only functional, only beautiful, they all gather those two qualities.





 Our Ethics and Will to be different :

 Jennifer’s ethics, and what helps make Kalliste Arabians different, is that :

The love and daily care for each one of the horses remains our Ultimate Priority.


 “Moreover, the respect of the Arabian breed and its essence is, for me, an essential role for every dedicated breeder, as is a willingness to protect the breed,” explains Jennifer.

“My selection is naturally based on the search of beauty together with functionality, with the constant desire for the long-term evolution and future of the breed."

Kalliste Arabians neither overuses their horses, nor do they make breeding choices at the expense of the Arabian breed in order to follow current fashions.

"A responsible breeding program needs a lot of love, individual care, self-questioning and, most of all, a true professional conscience especially when using modern lines who are, of course, beautiful assets but can be sometimes dangerous when used in a wrong way," says Jennifer.





 The farm’s signature philosophy :

The farm’s signature philosophy  made and taught by Jennifer, is, unquestionable:

‘The education of our horses, by a unique method, tailored to each horse based on communication, mutual respect, and safety. All our horses are extremely close to humans, perfectly mannered, and ready to go out in to the world with trust and serenity. This is an essential condition for their well-being at present and in the future.’






 The education of the foals starts the moment they are born according to a personalised program created by Jennifer.






 " This allows everyone at the farm and every new owner to create a special relationship with all of the Kalliste horses, and from a young age. In turn, this enables us to provide any treatment with trust, offering a calm and safe environment with the ferrier and the vet. We love them and they love us as much as we do".







  Our definition of ‘show’

The first thing that makes Kalliste Arabians different from other respected Arabian show horse breeders is, without doubt, their definition of the ‘show’. We consider and approach show competitions as a ‘stucture and movement competition’ -this remains the most important- in addition to a main factor : the ‘individual presentation’, that is, ‘the show from each horse’.

The importance of this presentation makes the show a true competitive equestrian discipline – essentially, you want to have the most spectacular horse in the show ring. This makes the difference between the show and the classical ‘model and gait’ competition, even if the goal remains the same – the breed selection made by the judges and, indirectly, by the breeders and the buyers.






 To be more precise about the importance of the presentation, Jennifer says that the Arabian horse naturally likes to show off, to be acclaimed by their audience. This quality is part of the essence of the breed and has a big impact on their mental attitude. Shows require the horse to be capable to go from ‘fun and show’ to ‘extreme concentration’ in just a few seconds – regardless of the show conditions. In fact, after the presentation and the trot that allows the judges to mark for movement, the horse has to perform the stand up without moving an inch in order to allow the horse’s structure to be judged. During the stand up, the physical requirement is as intense for the muscles as well as the concentration. Special training is needed to teach the horse to go from a feeling of euphoria to standing calmly again in just a second. A natural mental balance, along with the physical and mental preparation of the horse, is very important for each show and it helps the final selection of the judges and the breeders.







Kalliste Arabians own definition of the show as a ‘structure, motion, and show competition’ becomes even more important.

In fact, depending on their path to get into a discipline, every breeder will establish their own goal and then their own selection.






 “We are always happy to share our knowledge and advice with our clients and friends, be they new to the breed or completely passionate about the Arabian horse,” says Jennifer. “We hope to welcome you soon for a visit. ”






"With our passion, we are at the service of our horses and the Arabian breed to protect it, to improve it, to keep it going and help it go through the ages again and again," concludes Jennifer.